Adam's Story

The difficulty that Adam faces is his lack of ability to organise his own life and he struggles with this from morning to night. Whenever young people are at a certain age, 15 or 16, their parents are less and less involved in their everyday life in terms of when they get up, what they're going to wear and when they are going to go to bed. With Adam that independence hasn't happened. Adam was reaching the age where he would soon be leaving school, but he still required the same level of supervision and assistance with daily life than he needed in earlier life.

I met another parent who had a son with a learning disabilty and she explained to me about Vela microboards and to me it was like a lifeline at a crisis point when we where figuring out what adam was going to do after he left school.

If we didn't have the microbards the stress would be quite intense if I wasn't sharing the responsibility of adams care with some else. There was a possibility that my abilty to care for adam would have broken down if I didn't have the microboard.

Adams Story

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