What is a Vela Microboard

A Vela Microboard is a group of family and friends who help a person plan for a better future and make that future a reality.

Principles of Vela Microboard Members

Vela Microboard members must be committed to developing a personal relationship with the person for whom the Microboard is created.

Each individual is assumed to have the capacity for self-determination. This capacity will be acknowledged, respected and demonstrated in all of the dealings of the Vela Microboard.

A person centred planning process is central to the on-going work of the Vela Microboard.

All person centred plans are developed and implemented on the basis of creativity, innovation and empowerment.

All decisions made by the Vela Microboard will demonstrate regard for the person's safety, comfort and dignity. All Vela Microboard members will conduct their Microboard business in the spirit of mutual respect, confidentiality, co-operation and collaboration.

All services developed and/or contracted by the Vela Microboard will be based on the person's needs, not availability of services. These services will be person centred.

Who can sit on your Vela Microboard?

As relationships are the most important aspect of a Vela Microboard, any family member, friend or acquaintance can sit on the Microboard.

It is suggested that four to seven people on your Vela Microboard is helpful.

The key to who sits on your Vela Microboard is having people you like and trust.

Any questions or queries about who can or can't sit on your Vela Microboard can be discussed the Vela Microboard's facilitator.

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