Setting up A Vela Microboard

If you are interested in establishing an individual Vela Microboard contact the Vela Microboard's Facilitator:

07834 352180

Click here to view our Management and Set up Guide

The Vela Microboard's facilitator will meet with those interested to explain how it works. When you have decided that you want to set up your Vela Microboard the facilitator will assist with the following:

  1. Helping you identify members for your Vela Microboard.
  2. Informing members of roles and responsibilities.
  3. Help you name your Vela Microboard.
  4. Get formal commitment from your Vela Microboard members.
  5. Organise for a person centred plan to be created.
  6. Clarify the outcomes of the person centred plan.

If required the Vela Microboard's facilitator can also assist with any of the following:

  • How to hold your Vela Microboard meeting.
  • How to record the Vela Microboard meeting.
  • How to use the records of the meeting to advance the individual's plan.
  • Develop an individual funding proposal.
  • Selection and recruitment procedures.
  • Accounting procedures.
  • Maintenance and support of your Vela Microboard.
  • Provide training to Vela Microboard's, formal and informal.
  • Act as an advocate with other organisations as and when required.