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    Centre for Independent Living - Belfast

    Centre for Independent Living - Belfast, which was set up in 2001, is an organisation run by disabled people for disabled people. We work to promote the principles of independent living and in particular to provide a range of services for people using or considering using Direct Payments.

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    Vela Microboard Association British Columbia

    Vela Microboard Association dedicates itself to honouring the rights of, and eliminating the barriers for, people with disabilities. This includes the right to freedom, equality, control over their own lives, and to be fully included as valued citizens in the relationships and the opportunities of community life.

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    Carers Northern Ireland

    Carers look after family, partners or friends in need of help because they are ill, frail or have a disability. The care they provide is unpaid. Carers Northern Ireland is part of Carers UK. It is a membership organisation run by carers, for carers across the whole of Northern Ireland. There are approximately 185,000 carers in Northern Ireland.

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    Disability Services Commission, Western Australia

    The Disability Services Commission, established in December 1993. The State Government agency responsible for advancing opportunities, community participation and quality of life for people with disabilities. The Commission provides a range of direct services and support and also funds non-government agencies to provide services to people with disabilities, their families and carers.

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    Microboard's, Australia

    Vela Microboard's Australia is an organisation established in partnership with Perth Home Care Services in 2007 to support the development of Microboard's in Western Australia. Vela Microboard's Australia is predominantly made up of people who have a family member with a disability, and who are working to establish individual Microboard's.

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    Citizen Network

    The Citizen Network works to redesign the welfare state in order to increase social justice, promote citizenship, strengthen families and enrich our communities.

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    Department of Health and Social Services

    The Departments mission is to improve the health and social well being of the people of Northern Ireland. It endeavours to do so by ensuring the provision of appropriate health and social care services, both in clinical settings, such as hospitals and GP's surgeries, and in the community, through nursing, social work and other professional services. It also supports programmes of health promotion and education to encourage the community to adopt activities, behaviours and attitudes, which will lead to better health and well being.

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