Seamus's Story

Seamus has severe autism and epilepsy, he was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3 and we've worked considerably with him to improve the quality of his life. We have set up a vela microboard to look at the needs of Seamus. A friend had contacted us and told us about the vela microboards. The Microboard made Seamus the center of family life and it planned for them for the future and we then set about of establishing Seamus's microboard.

Off all the things I have ever done for Seamus, this has been the most exciting and rewarding and Seamus has reaped the benefits of the person centered planning.

The real essence of the microbaord is that it is Seamus focused and is focused primarily on his needs. In order to develop the essence of the microboard, we have got to have a strategy. Our strategy when we set up the microbaord was two fold:

  1. To try and improve the services that Seamus had access to
  2. Look within our own structure at home to see how we can improve Seamus's quality of life at home.

Its sounds daunting but whenever you get started and get into the whole process it works really well.